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Number of current inquests
 Name Of DeceasedGenderDate Inquest Open
ABID KainaatFemale22 August 2016
ALLEN Christopher PaulMale05 July 2016
AMOS Iris IreneFemale24 June 2016
ARBUTHNOT Audrey EileenFemale25 August 2016
BARNES Leo MartinMale02 February 2015
BENNETT Mary BereniceFemale02 August 2016
BEVAN DouglasMale06 July 2016
BOWKETT Daniel MarkMale15 June 2016
BOX Chantal MarieFemale30 June 2016
BRIFFETT Colin EdwardMale11 May 2016
BRIFFETT Natalie LouiseFemale11 May 2016
BROOMFIELD ChristopherMale21 July 2016
BURTON George AlfredMale08 June 2016
CASHMORE Violet EdithFemale11 August 2016
CATCH Edward HenryMale15 August 2016
CHAMBERS EdwinMale01 February 2016
CHU Wai KongMale23 August 2016
CLARKE Maureen DorothyFemale28 April 2016
COMPTON Austin IanMale02 August 2016
COTTRILL BarrieMale01 August 2016
CROWTHER-GREEN Derek ThomasMale22 July 2015
DALE Kian Daniel ChristopherMale16 October 2015
DANIELS Anne KateFemale13 July 2016
DEWS Joan MaryFemale31 May 2016
DOCKER Melvyn CharlesMale12 July 2016
Total number of results: 98

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