Parish Notice Board


ANNUAL PARISH MEETING AND Annual Parish Council Meeting

 The Parish Meeting is being held at 7pm on MONDAY 20th MAY 2019 at PENSAX VILLAGE HALL, light refreshments will be served from 6.45. All welcome to attend and a period of time is allocated for the public to raise issues if they wish. 


 MENITH WOOD - 4th Monday in month - PENSAX 4th Wednesday in month,

Speeding issues within Pensax Parish UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2018

Speed has been monitored this year on B4202 by Pensax Village Hall - AVERAGE SPEED IN 40MPH ZONE OVER 50MPH FOR 85% OF DRIVERS. THE PC WILL BE PUSHING TO GET SOME FURTHER ACTION TAKEN. Monitoring of speed in Pensax Village has been undertaken but did not meet the criteria for further action to be taken by the Safer Roads Partnership. The Clerk is still making enquires on this matter. Stickers for wheelie bins have been given out to highlight residents concerns to passing traffic. A Vehicle Activated Sign is still being sited along the Snead Common area of B4202 and will be up for one month at least twice a year but obviously it is having little effect on the majority of drivers. 

Pensax Village Hall- update August 2018

The Hall Trustees, Thrift Shop representative, Chairman and Clerk to PC held a meeting to consider the short-term finances of the hall. Funds are very low, the Thrift Shop have agreed to help out with the day to day running costs for this year. The Thrift Shop have, in the past, supported the Hall by funding maintenance repairs. The PC have obtained grants over the last year for repairs as well as granting money out of PC funds to pay for half of the insurance premium. All parties are now considering the long-term future of the Hall. Residents will be kept updated.