Parish Publications

Following the passing of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 the Parish Council will now publicise the availability of information about its affairs. The public have a general right of access to many types of recorded information held by public authorities. Any person who makes a request to a public authority for information must be informed whether the public authority holds that information and, subject to exemptions, will be supplied with that information.


Email Contact Privacy Notice

Email Contact Privacy Notice sets out how correspondence and details received/sent by email will be stored/processed.

Data Retention Policy

In line with GDPR, the Parish Council operates a data retention policy setting out how data is to be stored/processed/retained.

Freedom Of Informaton Model Publication

FOI model publication sets out what information is published by the Parish Council, how it can be accessed and if there is a charge involved

GDPR Policy

The General Data Protection Regulations Policy for the Parish Council,

Freedom of Information Policy

Policy sets out the ways in which information can be obtained by individuals when applied for in writing to the Parish Council.
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