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Pebworth Parish Council is a Quality Parish Status Council (QPS) The Council achieved the accreditation in January 2009. The accreditation demonstrates the quality of the Council’s administration and its high standard in local democracy. Meetings are held on the first Monday each month and are open to the public who can participate in open forum, agendas are available from the Clerk on request.

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Meeting Dates 2017

                                                                             2nd January 

6th February

6th March

3rd April

10th April - The Annual Parish Meeting (Public)

8th May       Annual Meeting of the Council

8th May      Ordinary Meeting

5th June

3rd July

7th August (also bank holiday)

4th September

2nd October

6th November

                                                  4th December
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Images of Pebworth

St Peters New Fire Station April 2011 (3) New Fire Station April 2011 (1)
St Peters New Fire Station April 2011 (2) Members and the Clerk with QPS certificate

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