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Naunton Beauchamp lies on the right bank of the Whitsun Brook, which forms part of its southern boundary and joins the Piddle Brook flowing through the west of the parish. The land is low, the greatest height being about 100 ft. in the east and the lowest 73 ft. at Sea Ford in the extreme south. The village is 3 miles north of Pershore station on the West Midland section of the Great Western railway. It includes a number of black and white cottages. Naunton House is a red brick building with timber framed outbuildings and pigeon-house. The old rectory opposite the church is a black and white house, probably of the 17th century. Naunton Court, now a farm-house with the remains of a moat, stands some distance west of the village. It dates from about 1600, and now consists of the hall block facing west with a large wing at the south end which is stone built to the first floor level and timber framed above.
Peter Prattinton wrote of Naunton Beauchamp in 1812 that it was called Dirty Naunton, and that its inhabitants, though civil, seemed little accustomed to strangers. The soil, chiefly clay, with a subsoil of Lower Lias, produces wheat, beans, barley and fruit.

The church of ST. Bartholomew consists of a chancel and nave without structural division (51 ft. 6 in. by 15 ft. 6 in.), south porch and west tower 10 ft. 6 in. square. The measurements are internal.
The church, with the exception of the 14th century tower, was pulled down and rebuilt above the plinths in 1896, but some of the old work was re-used.

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that a casual vacancy has arisen in the Office of Councillor for the Parish Council. 

If by September 18, 2018 (14 days excluding Dies Non, after the date of this notice) a request for an election to fill said vacancy is made in writing to the Returning Officer at the address below by TEN electors for the said Parish, an election will be held to fill the said vacancy, otherwise the vacancy will be filled by co-option.

If an election is called, it will take place not later than 20 November 2018.

Date 29th August 2018

C J Hegarty 
Returning Officer 
Civic Centre
Queen Elizabeth Drive
Worcs WR10 1PT.

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