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Your Parish Councillors give their time unpaid for the benefit of the community as a whole and have voluntarily been elected to office or have been co-opted. Warndon Parish Council consists of 8 councillors who have a specific area of responsible for Finance, Community & Leisure, Environment & Estate and planning. We employ a part-time Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer (a statutory post) of the council.

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Notice of Poll - Warndon By-election



Worcester City Council


Election of a Parish Councillor for


Warndon North Ward


Notice is hereby given that:

1.    A poll for the election of a Parish Councillor for Warndon North Ward will be held on Thursday 13 December 2018, between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm.

2.    The number of Parish Councillors to be elected is one.

3.    The names, home addresses and descriptions of the Candidates remaining validly nominated for election and the names of all persons signing the Candidates nomination paper are as follows:


Name of Candidate

Home Address

Description (if any)

Names of Signatories

Proposers(+), Seconders(++) & Assentors


Andrew Jonathan

1 Bearcroft Avenue, Great Meadow, Worcester, WR4 0DR


Lyn Blewitt (+)

Richard H Sagar (++)



8 Lords Heath, Worcester, WR4 0RW


James T Linsey (+)

Tracey J Linsey (++)



3 Watchetts Green, Worcester, WR4 0RT


Andrew S Jones (+)

Brandi L Jones (++)



1 Hill Wood Close, Lyppard Hanford, Worcester, WR4 0EZ

Independent Candidate

Darren J Broom (+)

Derek C Mills (++)


4.     The situation of Polling Stations and the description of persons entitled to vote thereat are as follows:


Situation of Polling Station

Station Number

Ranges of electoral register numbers of persons entitled to vote thereat

Main Hall, Woodgreen Evangelical Church, (Polling Station No.1), Hastings Drive


P1-1 to P1-1398

Main Hall, Woodgreen Evangelical Church, (Polling Station No.2), Hastings Drive


P1-1399 to P1-2787

Main Hall, Woodgreen Evangelical Church, (Polling Station No.3), Hastings Drive


P1-2788 to P1-4103

5th December

Shane Flynn
Interim Returning Officer
Worcester City Council 

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