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Ripple is the most southerly parish in Worcestershire and consists of the communities of Ryall, Holly Green, The Grove, Naunton, Uckinghall and Ripple.The Parish was formerly much larger and at the date of the Doomsday Survey included Upton upon Severn, all the three Croomes together with Queenhill and Holdfast. It was at that time one of the largest parishes in Worcestershire. Over the years various areas were transferred to neighbouring parishes to reduce it to its present size.
Ripple was known as "rippel" in AD680 which has connections with the Norwegian "ripel", a strip of woodland or coppice.This is also referred to as "rypel" in ancient charters to denote a strip of land bestowed by some benefactor. This definition obviously confirms the shape of the Parish which extends north/south by 4.5miles and east/west by 1.5 miles
In 1643 the Battle of Ripple was fought on Ripple Meadow between the Parliamentarians, under Sir William Waller, who defeated the Royalists commanded by Prince Maurice, as part of the Civil War.

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Lengthsman Vacancy

Ripple Parish Council is seeking to appoint a fully qualified Lengthsman for 15 hours per month, commencing April 2019. This is a contract for services position therefore the successful applicant will need to demonstrate that they maintain public liability insurance with a minimum indemnity of £5,000,000 (5 Million Pounds) and will need to provide their own equipment (including PPE). Payment will be by settlement of invoice (accompanied by a detailed time-sheet) which must be submitted electronically to the parish council on a monthly basis. Duties include:- Clear gully grates. ? Dig out blocked gullies. Wash and Clear headwalls and outfalls. ? Clear leaves from footpaths. Rod blocked drains if practical. ? Notify when unsuccessful. Remove vegetation obstructing signs. ? Remove vegetation at junction visibility splays Removal of basal tree growth from Highway trees ? Pulling/cutting of noxious weeds following site specific approval from the Manager.? Negotiate with frontagers for them to cut back overhanging vegetation. Rotation and charging of mobile Vehicular Activated Signs (VAS) following site specific approval and authorisation. ? Painting of heritage cast iron direction signs. Snow clearance and gritting/salting by hand. ? Removal or illegal fly postings. Maintenance and repainting of highways approved visibility fencing. ? Strimming of areas to ensure maximum visibility at road junctions etc. Digging Channels to allow rain water drainage from highways ? Clean dirty signs (except illuminated signs). Please submit a Curriculum Vitae to the Clerk to Ripple Parish Council via email at rippleparishclerk@btinternet.com - please include a day time telephone number.
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