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Lindridge is a small rural parish, it comprises the village of Eardiston, and the hamlets of Menith Wood, Frith Common, Broom Bank and Lindridge. The parish church of St Lawrence was built in 1861 and is the third church to stand on the site.
The River Teme forms the southern boundary of the parish.
Lindridge is still part of a major hop growing area, the village of Eardiston has a plant which processes hops into a range of brewing products which are exported all over the world.

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Lindridge Parish

 The Civil Parish of Lindridge lies in the north west corner of the County of Worcestershire, in the middle valley of the River Teme.  The present population is approximately 700, mainly concentrated in the three hamlets of Menith Wood, Eardiston and Frith Common.  The parish church, St Lawrence's, was built in 1861 and is the third church to stand on the site.
The geology of the Parish (which lies within the Abberley and Malvern Hills Geopark) has perhaps shaped both its boundaries and history.  Its northern boundary is complex, following parts of the Shropshire County boundary, the disused Leominster Canal, and the geological edge of the "Wyre Forest Coal Measures".  An unnamed stream in Frith Common marking  part of this northern limit is mentioned in the Anglo Saxon Charters where is named "the Black Ditch".  The southern boundary is the River Teme.  From its eastern limit in Menith Wood the Parish extends westward for a little less than 4 miles to its boundary, mainly the River Rea.
Historically, mining, quarrying and brick making all took place but today livestock and arable farming(hop fields and apple orchards - for cider making) dominate the land use.
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Meadow Flowers Fields in the Teme Valley Teme Valley
Old Chapel Hall Hops in the Teme Valley Calor Worcestershire Village of the Year 2008

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