High Speed Broadband Rollout

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Please note that NOT ALL premises in an exchange area or a postcode area will get access to fibre broadband because:

· Not every cabinet will be fibre enabled

· You may be connected to a cabinet that is fibre enabled but be too far away to benefit from faster speeds.

· You may be connected to a different cabinet than your neighbour.

· Some of our deployment is Fibre to the Premises, the networks do not follow the boundaries of postcodes or parishes, sometimes a neighbour can connect whilst you are on a different 'pole' or part of the infrastructure that means you cannot .

Worcestershire County Council is constantly exploring opportunities to provide access to improved broadband in all parts of Worcestershire (the final approx. 1-5%). Please register to be kept up to date. How to obtain a better service when superfast broadband isn't available to you is also available.

Please note ALL PLANS are subject to change. Individual structures may be deployed ahead of anticipated schedule, but can also be delayed or removed from the programme entirely if issues occur which cannot be resolved.

Better Broadband Subsidy Scheme run by Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) is an alternative for those not in the current deployment plan and with speeds below 2Mbps. The scheme provides eligible households with a voucher worth approximately £350 towards the initial installation and equipment costs.