School Records 1870-1920

Most family records detail your relatives' lives during adulthood whilst school records are some of the few surviving documents that can reveal exciting details about their childhoods too.  Admission registers, which can be accessed if over 100 years old, give names of guardians, addresses and sometimes chart academic progress.  School log books are an absolute boon to local historians providing details of school and community life such as important events, instances of epidemics, the social hierarchy of the area and what sort of life the pupils were being educated for.
This workshop is open to anybody, whether family or local historians, who want to investigate these valuable, and mainly untapped sources.  No previous experience is necessary.
During the workshop we will study a number of log books. When booking please indicate if there is a school that you are interested in and we will try to have these volumes on hand but please be aware that not all records have survived.

Please note
You will be unable to order original archives in this session. 
Tickets for this session are non-refundable.