Beeline: Sophie Dahl Author

Sophie brings to life the grand tradition of books that celebrate the alliance of old and young... There’s a strange new guest at the Mermaid Hotel, a very old lady with a growly voice, bags stuffed with jewellery and coins and curiosities, and a beady-eyed pet tortoise. Is there a supervillain at large? Julia Eccleshare MBE joins Sophie to host for this event.

Suitable for ages 7-11

Saturday 19 October 2019
Location: Festival Theatre City Campus
Additional Information: Individual Festival Day Pass Available: £7.00 / child and £12.00 / adult Family Day Pass Available (2 adults + 2 children): £30.00
Tickets Available
£7.00/child:£4.50/Individual Day Pass Child:£7.00/Individual Day Pass Adult:£12.00/Family Festival Day Pass (2ad + 2 chd):£30.00