Parish Notice Board

Rous Lench

Meeting 23rd March postponed

 CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: In light of recent developments with the virus we believe it’s probably the right thing to do to postpone the parish council meeting this Monday evening (23rd March). 
We have pencilled in another meeting for about 4 weeks time which would be April 20th at 7:30pm. 
This will give us a bit of time to see how things are progressing. This meeting could be online instead (I will be looking into the easiest way of doing that) as government are Considering bringing forward legislation to allow this.
In the interim myself and David, the Chairman are going to pull together a bit of an update on where we are with the various key topics and also the start of a plan on what to do to support residents in this difficult time. 
I have set up a Facebook page for Rous Lench Parish Council. If you’re on Facebook, please ‘like’ it and also please invite other residents to do so. 

If you Have any questions please do email me on
Clerk to Rous Lench Parish Council 

Crime Prevention Tips (from Vicky Elliot PCSO at January 2019's council meeting)


- Report
anything out of the ordinary/suspicious on telephone number 101.
- Register on a free website such as which allows you to privately note down make/model /serial numbers of your property to make an inventory just in case you get burgled. This will help to identify what has been taken and  will assist the Police in their search.
- Use Smart Water to mark your property. This forensic traceable liquid allows the Police to track your property back to you via its unique forensic code. For more information or to purchase, go online at
- Join local Whatsapp groups or closed Facebook groups of ‘Your Neighbour Next Door’ where you can flag up anything suspicious to your community/neighbours (like an online neighbourhood watch).