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Hindlip, Martin Hussingtree & Salwarpe

Meeting of the Parish Council January

 The next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council will take place on Monday 17th January 2022 at Salwarpe Village Hall Main Hall at 3.30pm. Agenda details will be punlished  on this website one week prior to the meeting.

Meeting of the Parish Council - 01/11/2021

 The next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council will take place on the 1st November 2021 at 3.30pm at the main hall of Salwarpe Village Hall. Agenda details will be published one week prior to the meeting.

The (Coronavirus) flexibility of Local Authority Meetings Regulations 2020 - Amended Status

 Removal of flexibility to hold decision taking virtual meeting under the 2020 Regulations.


Parish Council Meetings


The Government regulation introduced during the Covid epidemic that allowed local councils the flexibility to hold public meetings remotely has ceased.


In the interests of health and safety for councillors, staff and the public, the council will continue to manage its everyday functions, handle the concerns of residents, financial affairs and managing risks through varied communication channels with other meetings held virtually under emergency procedures. Only decisions that cannot be delegated to the Clerk to the Council will be made at socially distanced Council meetings held at an appropriate local venue.


The Parish Council is required to hold four statutory public meetings per year and details of future face to face meetings will be published on the council’s website.


For information on Council matters:

 Visit our website to view public notices, updated planning consultations, decisions and notices of dates on the holding of future public meetings.  Alternatively, email, telephone or look on our noticeboards located in each parish.  Contact details:


Clerk to the Council

Elizabeth Gallagher,

email:, Tel: 07846 125405


Council Office address:  PO Box 6986, Kidderminster, Worcs. DY11 9FB.


Corovavirus Notice

The (Coronavirus) flexibility of Local Authority Meetings Regulations 2020, ensures that the holding of statutory meetings, decision marking, annual re-elections of councillors and audit deadlines via varied communication channels, continue with minimal disruption to the work of the Parish Council

The Parish Council has reinstated face to face meetings with effect from May 2021. Meeting dates and agendas will be published in the 'Meetings' section of this website.

Maintenance and Lengthsman Contracts 2021/2022

The Parish Council Maintenance and Lengthsman Contracts have been awarded to Top Cut Ltd for the periods 1st April 2021 to 31st March 2022

Internal Auditor Appointment 2021/22

DKE Audit Services Have been appointed as Internal Auditor 2021/22

Councillor committee membership 2021/22

Appointed year 2021-2022 Finance Committee Cllr. A Thawley Cllr Alison Phillips Cllr David Luscombe Cllr B Meddings Cllr Anthony Thomas Ex-officio Chairman STAFFING COMMITTEE STAFFING COMMITTEE Cllr Carol Hughes Cllr Mary Armitage Cllr. B Meddings Cllr Alan Thawley Ex-officio Chairman MAGAZINE PUBLICATIONS OFFICER MAGAZINE PUBLICATIONS OFFICER Cllr B Meddings POLICIES & DATA COMMITTEE Cllr. A Thawley - Chairman Cllr. B. Meddings Cllr. A Thawley Cllr. J. Clarke Ex-officio Chairman VILLAGE HALL TRUST COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVE Cllr John Hill

Register of Interests

Councillors Register of interests 2021/22 go to link

Calendar of Meetings and policies

See Publications Section of this Website

Receipts and Expenditure Details and Planning Information

See Agenda in Meeting Section for ongoing Receipts and Expenditure Details and Planning Information.

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Salwarpe Village Hall Bookings

Please contact Nikki Kristy on 01905 755421 regarding all bookings for Salwarpe Village Hall.