Parish Notice Board

Bentley Pauncefoot

Notice of casual vacancy

 PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that there is a casual vacancy for a Councillor of the Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council

An election to fill the vacancy shall be held if notice in writing of a request for such an election has been given by TEN local government electors for the parish to the Returning Officer,

Bromsgrove District Council, Parkside, Market Street, Bromsgrove, B61 8DA

by 13th October 2020.

If no such notice is given, the Parish Council will fill the vacancy by co-option.



Date of notice 28TH September 2020


Anne Dyson


Clerk & RFO Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council


Are you feeling lonely, alone or isolated - or are you worried about someone you know?

One in five people in the UK say they experience feelings of loneliness and during the coronavirus pandemic many more of us have felt anxious and isolated.


A number of groups across Bentley Pauncefoot, Tardebigge and Webheath would like to offer support when needed.  They can offer a friendly chat or arrange to put you in touch with others who can help.  Once restrictions ease they plan to arrange social events to encourage friendships.


Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council is pleased to support these groups by helping to raise awareness of this important initiative.


Please contact Gail Teague on 01527 541991  or   for more information.

Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council Ordinary meeting 23rd September 2020

This meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Wednesdday 23rd September via Zoom.  If you wish to attend the meeting please contact Anne Dyson on who will let you havethe details.

Walking in Worcestershire

Have a look at Walking in Worcestershire a website created by Jon Harris who served on the PC for many years.  It has hundreds of FREE walks to download and print plus details of all the walking clubs in the country and loads more information.



In the face of the current crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic the Bentley Pauncefoot Parish Council will do everything that it can to support our residents and their families. Living in a rural location, as we do, the issue of distancing ourselves from those who might carry the infection might be less of a concern, however isolation, loneliness and the inability to obtain provisions could be a real problem, especially for the elderly members of our community.

Parish Councillor Gail Teague has kindly offered to be the prime contact point should any of our residents need help. Her contact details are as follows:

Gail Teague email  phone 01527 541991.

Gail will be able to call upon the support of other members of the Parish Council whose contact details are also listed on this website.

It is clear from the media that there will be no easy or quick solution to this problem, and we may suffer the effects for many months to come. If you need help or are aware of someone in our community who may be struggling please contact Gail.

Bentley Pauncefoot Parish AGM & Council Ordinary meeting

The above meetings will take place on Tuesday 21st July at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

Parish Council Meeting dates 2020

Parish Council meeting dates 2020: Tuesday 21st January, Tuesday 17th March, Tuesday 19th May Annual Parish meeting commencing 7.30pm followed by PC meeting at 8.00pm, Tuesday 21st July, Tuesday 15th September, Tuesday 17th November. Unless otherwise stated all meeting commence at 7.30pm in the village hall.

Footpath Officer

We have a Footpath Officer on our Parish Council who monitors the public footpaths to ensure they are kept clear and report any repairs to Worcester County Council. If you have any concerns regarding footpaths within the village please contact Anne Dyson on who will pass your concerns on to the Footpath Officer.

Tree Warden

If you have any concerns or questions regarding tress within our village or need to report any damaged tress please contact Anne Dyson on who will pass your concerns on to the Tree Warden.

Village Hall Event Booking Clerk

If you wish to book Bentley Village Hall or find out about any events happening in the village, please contact: Mrs June Brazier Tel : 01527 403950