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The official 'Bird Nesting Season' is February to August (Natural England), although nesting may happen outside this period, depending on the species.  It is a crime to disturb nesting birds and any incidents should be reported to the Police. Tree / hedge cutting or site clearance should be done outside of the nesting period.


There has been a rise in unlawful fly-tipping during the coronavius lockdown. Please be vigilant and only use licensed carriers to dispose of waste.


 Since we are unsure who will get the latest Newsletter delivered, it is online here under the Publications heading.



The next meeting of the Parish Council is on Monday 4th May 2020 at 7.30 p.m. For health and safety reasons during the coronavirus/Co-vid19 pandemic, this meeting will be held virtually using the zoom platform. Please see the Agenda under Parish Council Meetings for further details or contact the Clerk.

Clerk :  Mrs Susan Howell, 42 Cooke Close, Whittington, Worcester, WR5 2RB

Email :

Telephone : 07743 623543

Covid 19 Virus

 We hope you are well and in good spirit, despite the uncertainty and understandable concerns that we all face because of COVID-19. Please be reassured that we, your Parish Council, are keeping a watchful eye on events.

The best place for local information is the County Council Coronavirus web page Here2Help, where announcements and the most appropriate guidance will be provided on a regular basis. Please be mindful that information spread via social media may be alarmist or incorrect, also that overdosing on social media can affect your mental well-being. is the official national information website.

We have a lot to be proud of in our Parish; in particular how residents have responded to the current situation; there are a number of local groups being set up on social media where you can either request or offer assistance, leaflets are also available for neighbourhood volunteers to download and put through neighbours’ letter boxes so they can contact their neighbourhood volunteer in case of need.

We would like to encourage everyone to be aware of their closest neighbours. If you know of anyone who might be socially distancing themselves, self-isolating, or who is vulnerable, please use the safest method available to reach out to them and ask if they need assistance.  We urge everyone to exercise caution and safe practice to minimise transmission risk.

We are conscious that we need to be mindful of safeguarding requirements and encourage residents, who are able, to give their time to reach out to those agencies looking for volunteers.

The supermarkets tell us they have plenty of supplies, we are all in this situation together and it is our duty to trust this message. We are fortunate to live in one of the more affluent areas within the city, there may be residents within our community who are not as fortunate – so please, be responsible and consider others before rushing out to bulk-buy goods or take the last toilet roll in Tesco “just in case”.

Please also be conscious that the City’s foodbank is running out of supplies – some of our friends and neighbours may (without telling us) be having to rely on the foodbank and their volunteers. Please remember the foodbank, they need regular donations of money, grocery items and also time. Their website is and cash donations can be made online.

Our next Parish newsletter will be delivered along with your local free newspaper within the next couple of weeks. This will have your Parish Councillors’ contact details which can also be found on the Parish Council website. Although some of us are having to be socially distant or self-isolating, we will do our best to help you.

Stay Safe !

Your Parish Council.

Warndon Villages Summer Fete - CANCELLED

Regrettably, the Warndon Villages summer Fete, sponsored by your Parish Council, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus/Co-vid 19 pandemic.