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Parish Council Meeting

Next meeting 7pm on MONDAY 15th JULY 2019 at OLD CHAPEL MENITH WOOD. All welcome to attend and a period of time is allocated for the public to raise issues if they wish. There is a vacancy for a Cllr, further details on this website or contact Clerk


 MENITH WOOD - 4th Monday in month - PENSAX 4th Wednesday in month,

Speeding issues within Pensax Parish UPDATE AUGUST 2019

Stickers for wheelie bins have been given out to alert passing traffic when in a 30mph area and also telling drivers to slow down. A Vehicle Activated Sign is still being sited along the Snead Common area of B4202 and will be up for one month at least twice a year but obviously it is having little effect on the majority of drivers.

Pensax Village Hall- update AUGUST 2019

The Thrift Shop have informed Hall Trustees that they will be closing at the end of 2019. As the Thrift Shop are the main users of the Hall it is unclear, at this moment in time, what the longterm future for the hall will be. The Trustees will have to look at the finances for next year, the hall is insured until January 2020. If you are interested in booking the hall or wish to help in any way please contact Clerk to Pensax Parish Council.