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Your Parish Councillors give their time unpaid for the benefit of the community as a whole and have voluntarily been elected to office or have been co-opted. Eckington Parish Council consists of a maximum of 9 Councillors who have specific areas of responsibility. We employ a part-time Clerk who is also the Responsible Financial Officer (a statutory post) of the Council. Clicking on the Councillors tab will give you contact details for the Councillors listed. To Contact the Clerk please email clerk@eckingtonpc.com

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Attendance at and recording of Virtual Parish Council Meetings



The Parish Council is holding meetings via Zoom invitation during Covid-19 restrictions.

To attend a meeting, please contact the Clerk and ask for a Zoom invitation.

The Clerk can be contacted on T. 01886 884195 or via email at clerkeckingtonparish@gmail.com


Recording of meetings

Please note that virtual meetings will be recorded, and an electronic record will be retained by the Clerk until the minutes of the meeting have been approved. The record will then be destroyed. No personal data from any recording made will be used without permission.

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Eckington War Memorial & Eckington Cross Eckington Wharf Holy Trinity Church
Eckington Bridge Village Memorial Hall Eckington Villge

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