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The Parish of Rous Lench comprises of two settlement. These being the village of Rous Lench and the hamlet of Radford. Rous Lench lies some six miles to the North of Evesham and has a history that can be traced back to Saxon times. Evidence of a settlement in those times can be found in fragments of carved Saxon stone within the Norman Parish Church of St Peter's. The Parish is set on a generally west facing and well-wooded slope and is rural in nature. There are about one hundred dwellings including several prominent farmsteads, the manorial Rous Lench Court, many old and listed buildings including the grade one St Peter's Church, a Victorian Village Hall, and several newer but substantial houses. A significant part of the housing stock was built in the mid-nineteenth century around the pretty Village Green by the manorial incumbents Rous, Boughton and Chafy. Rous Lench has a few but important facilities including St Peter's Church, a village hall, and a public house, The Wheelbarrow Castle. Today most residents work outside the Parish although there are several thriving local businesses including Hazelwood Trailers, MHF skip hire and Dudley's Coaches.

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Crime Prevention Tips (from Vicky Elliot PCSO at January 2019's council meeting)


- Report
anything out of the ordinary/suspicious on telephone number 101.
- Register on a free website such as immobilise.com which allows you to privately note down make/model /serial numbers of your property to make an inventory just in case you get burgled. This will help to identify what has been taken and  will assist the Police in their search.
- Use Smart Water to mark your property. This forensic traceable liquid allows the Police to track your property back to you via its unique forensic code. For more information or to purchase, go online at www.smartwater.com
- Join local Whatsapp groups or closed Facebook groups of ‘Your Neighbour Next Door’ where you can flag up anything suspicious to your community/neighbours (like an online neighbourhood watch). 
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