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The next meeting of the Parish Council will take place in the Village Hall on Tuesday, 21st September 2021 at 7pm. The agenda can be found under the ‘COUNCIL MEETINGS’ tab on the left hand side of this page.
Everyone is very welcome to attend.


The Parish Council believe there are still significant issues to be addressed for the Foxlydiate application. These include procedural errors including misleading statements and missing documents that could render the decision to approve unlawful. There are also substantial discrepancies in the way highways has responded to Foxlydiate compared to other, much smaller applications, where they have recommended deferral or refusal for very similar issues.

We have also taken the opportunity to write to Sajid Javid asking him to request the Secretary of State intervene and demand an urgent review of the Local Plan before the decision notice is issued. Given the extraordinary circumstance of Redditch’s housing need virtually halving, which calls in to question the need for the Foxlydiate site at all, coupled with the Governments reaffirmation that housing need is not a reason to build on green belt suggests the decision to take Foxlydiate out of the green belt was wrong.

All the letters are under the ‘Publications’ tab on the left hand side. There are six in total. To view the documents click on the icon next to the document title.

Once we have received the response to the Highways issues we will decide how to proceed. Many of you will remember the perception that Foxlydiate was chosen for this huge number of houses as the planners felt they would have a far lower level of object

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