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The vast majority of local council services are provided to St Peter's by the City or County Council although the Parish Council may often be the first point of contact for local residents. Your council is proactive ensuring good links with the City and County Council, police and other key organisations - to ensure that local residents views are communicated and services are effectively delivered. The Council takes a particular interest in all planning matters relating to St Peters (the City has to consult with the Parish) and the environment, including litter and green-space maintenance. We also provide financial support to the Village Hall, grants to local community groups and undertake projects for the benefit of the community that lie within our power.

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 St. Peter the Great County
Parish Council
For the Parish of
St. Peter the Great County
Pursuant to Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, notice is hereby given that one vacancy has occurred in the Office of Councillor for St. Peter the Great County Parish Council, due to the resignation of Councillor Dave Carney on Monday 9th December 2019.
A By-Election to fill the vacancy will be called if TEN registered electors from within the St Peter’s Parish electoral area make a request in writing to the Returning Officer to fill the vacancy by holding an election. The deadline for receipt of requests is 11.59pm, Friday 24th January 2020. Where ten requests are received, an election will be called within 60 working days of the date of this notice. If the required requests are not received by the deadline, the Parish Council will seek to to fill the vacancy by co-option.
Requests must state the full name and address of the elector as these details will have to be checked against the Electoral Register to confirm eligibility. As there are currently two vacancies for this Parish Council please ensure that all requests state which vacancy they are referring to, or both.
Please send requests to:
Shane Flynn
Returning Officer
High Street
Dated: Monday 6th January 2020
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