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The vast majority of local council services are provided to St Peter's by the City or County Council although the Parish Council may often be the first point of contact for local residents. Your council is proactive ensuring good links with the City and County Council, police and other key organisations - to ensure that local residents views are communicated and services are effectively delivered. The Council takes a particular interest in all planning matters relating to St Peters (the City has to consult with the Parish) and the environment, including litter and green-space maintenance. We also provide financial support to the Village Hall, grants to local community groups and undertake projects for the benefit of the community that lie within our power.

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Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984
(A4440 Temeside Way, St. Peter The Great, Worcester)(Temporary Closure) Order
Proposed Order: to close that part of A4440 Temeside Way from its junction with A449 The
Village Roundabout to its junction with A38 Worcester Road.
Reason: Widening existing combined cycle/footpath by WCC.
Exemptions: to permit access to any land or premises fronting the highway affected where
there is no other form of access; and to allow the works to be undertaken.
Alternative routes: Diversion 1: A38 Worcester Road, A38 Bath Road, A38 Commandery
Road, A38 Sidbury, A44 College Street, A44 Deansway, A44 Worcester Bridge, A44 New
Road, A449 Bromwich Road, A449 Malvern Road and A449 The Village.
Diversion 2: A449 The Village, A449 Malvern Road, A449 Bromwich Road, A44 Tybridge
Street, A44 Hylton Road, A44 Worcester Bridge, A44 North Parade, A44 North Quay, A44
Dolday, A44 All Saints Road, A44 Deansway, A44 College Street, A38 Sidbury, A38
Commandery Road, A38 Bath Road and A38 Worcester Road.
Maximum duration: 18 Months. Anticipated duration: 8 days/nights (week nights and
weekend). Commencing: 14 October 2020
Thomas Pollock Head of Commercial Law (Legal & Governance) County Hall Spetchley Road
17 September 2020
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