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Ripple is the most southerly parish in Worcestershire and consists of the communities of Ryall, Holly Green, The Grove, Naunton, Uckinghall and Ripple.The Parish was formerly much larger and at the date of the Doomsday Survey included Upton upon Severn, all the three Croomes together with Queenhill and Holdfast. It was at that time one of the largest parishes in Worcestershire. Over the years various areas were transferred to neighbouring parishes to reduce it to its present size.
Ripple was known as "rippel" in AD680 which has connections with the Norwegian "ripel", a strip of woodland or coppice.This is also referred to as "rypel" in ancient charters to denote a strip of land bestowed by some benefactor. This definition obviously confirms the shape of the Parish which extends north/south by 4.5miles and east/west by 1.5 miles
In 1643 the Battle of Ripple was fought on Ripple Meadow between the Parliamentarians, under Sir William Waller, who defeated the Royalists commanded by Prince Maurice, as part of the Civil War.

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Plans are now in place and comms are being drafted to let residents know about the extension of library services as we exit lockdown and enter tier 2 later this week. The key points for the third phase of the extension are outlined below: From the 2nd December library customers will once again be able to: • browse shelves and borrow books using self-service kiosks • return books • pre-book public computers • pre-book a desk in the library for study and/or wi-fi access The mobile library service will be recommencing and we will look to bring further services back into libraries in early 2021. Subject to volunteer availability, Library Service at Home book deliveries will be available for customers who are unable to visit their local library. Book return dates have been extended to 31st December 2020 and no overdue fines will apply between 28th October and 31st December 2020.
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