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Great Witley is a village and civil parish (with Hillhampton), in the Malvern Hills District in the northwest of the county of Worcestershire, England. It is situated around ten miles to the north west of the city of Worcester.

There has been a settlement in the area since before the Norman Conquest.

Great Witley was in the lower division of Doddingtree Hundred.

Following the Poor Law Amendment Act 1834 Great Witley Parish ceased to be responsible for maintaining the poor in its parish. This responsibility was transferred to Martley Poor Law Union.

The village is home to Witley Court, a Jacobean country house extended on a number of occasions throughout its history, but which became derelict after a spectacular fire in 1937. The mansion, formerly one of the finest in the Midlands, is now in the care of English Heritage, who describe it as their number one ruin. They have restored the extensive gardens leaving the impressive skeletal ruin of the building overlooking them in a poignant and thought provoking way.

Nearby is Woodbury Hill commanding extensive views south to the Malvern Hills and over the River Teme valley to the west. On the summit is an Iron Age hillfort. Owain Glyndwr's army of Welsh and French camped here for eight days in the summer of 1405 facing an army of King Henry IV at Abberley Hill. Skirmishes took place but neither large force initiated full scale battle and the Welsh withdrew under nightfall back to Wales. The location was also used as a meeting place during the English Civil War by Clubmen from the local farms and cottages.

The village also is home to the Grade II listed coaching inn The Hundred House Hotel, once the collection point for agricultural tithes from the districts or 'hundred (division)s' of the local area. In this instance the Doddingtree Hundred.

From 1843 to 1846 Queen Adelaide, the widow of King William IV resided at Witley Court. Whilst there she financed the first village school.

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Sewage Problems in Great Witley

 Dear Fellow Parishioners,
I do not know if you are all aware of this but there was a significant overflow of raw sewage on to the Worcester Road near to the school   over the weekend of July 6-7. Engineers from Severn-Trent attended to clear a blockage in the sewer pipe which runs downhill from the Hundred House . This pipe was in place long before the houses at Fountains Court and Glendower Way were built and so it now services at least double the number of properties than when it was built.
Engineers advise us that the pipe is adequate for all the new properties provided it is used properly and only appropriate  materials are flushed into the system. It is not suitable for  disposable nappies, sanitary tissues, incontinence pads and wet wipes. These items should be placed in refuse bins. What might not cause a problem in a town does cause problems in areas like this.
The overflow is very unpleasant for those living opposite the school as they are on the downhill side; unpleasant for road users where a scum has been left along the gutter and bad for the environment because the overflow ran into surface water drains which run into the stream along the Martley Road, which flows into the Washing Pool at Witley Court; then into Dick Brook  and then into the River Severn.
Frank Chapman  (Chairman of the Parish Council)
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