Travel Assistance Application - Pupils aged Under 16

This form should only be completed if your child is aged under 16 and:
  • You have never applied for School Travel Assistance or
  • Your child has moved schools since your last application.
If you have moved house please use the change of address form.
Pupil/Student Details

  • Please ensure that the date of birth you are entering is that of the pupil or student that the application is being made for (the pupil or student who's name appears immediately above).

Find your address

Select the School the Pupil will be Attending
  • Search for School. All or part of the school name can be used in the keyword search, for example Bewdley, or Montfort (for The De Montfort School).

Boarding Point
  • Do you have a preferred boarding point?

Date Transport Required From
    At this time you can only apply for transport for the current school year. Applications for the next school year can be made from 1st March, please ensure you have received your offer of a school place before applying.

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