How is the information from a search presented?  

The results of your search will be presented in four columns:

Computer Ref No-the computer system ID number -FOR OFFICE USE ONLY



Finding No–the number you will need to order a document

The total number of catalogue records retrieved will be given at the top of the display; if your search has retrieved more than 5 records, use the Next, Previous, First and Last links at the top or bottom of the screen to navigate through the pages to view all the records in your hitlist.

Please note that the search term(s) may not appear in the text displayed in the hit list; if not, it should appear in the more detailed catalogue descriptions which can be viewed by clicking on the Computer Ref No.

How do I sort the records in the 'search results' hitlist?

By default, records in a hitlist are presented in Computer Ref No order. However, you can also sort the records by Title or by Date or by Finding No by clicking on the appropriate column heading above the displayed records.

How can I find out more information about an entry displayed in the 'search results' hitlist?

By clicking anywhere on the text of a particular entry, the full description and other relevant information will be displayed. Click on the Computer Ref No if you then want to see the record in its hierarchical context (i.e. how it relates to other records in the collection) and to see other records in the same catalogue.

How can I see the documents in which I am interested?

You are very welcome to visit Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service to consult the documents concerned. Please be sure to make a note of the full Finding No, including BA number. Our website gives further information you will need to plan your visit: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/cms/archive-and-archaeology.aspx

Sometimes records which are described in the catalogue may be closed to the public under the Data Protection Act or for other reasons. This will be indicated in the AccessConditions field in the search results.

If you are unable to visit the Archives personally, you may wish to receive details of our Research Service: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/cms/records/research-service.aspx

Large photocopying orders also have to be undertaken by our researcher.

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