Finding No

This is the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service reference you will need when requesting further information or to view records. There are two components: the classification or reference number, including any letter prefix, eg b118 or 496.5, and the Accession or BA number, including parcel number, eg BA5932 or BA1618/1.


This is the archival term for where the record can be found in the catalogue structure. The levels currently used in the catalogue are:


This is the archival term for a whole collection of records from one source. A fonds level description may give a summary of the archive collection, for example a particular County Council department.

Sub Fonds

This is used for a subsidiary part of an archive collection such as a particular section within a County Council department. There is sometimes further division into sub sub fonds, if appropriate.


This is used for each series of records within the collection. For example minute books or correspondence files, with their covering dates. There can be further divisions, if necessary into sub series and sub sub series.


This is used for an actual file or volume or group of related records within a series. For example an individual correspondence file or minute book.


This is usually one individual document within a series or file, with its date.